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Rhyno Speaketh

If I didnt do laundry, where would my cat take his nap?

10 May
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The Rhyno lives in Milwaukee's largest suburb amongst the mullets and tasteless rich. He is also surrounded by black TShirts, long hair and those flashing the devil sign, but these are his people. He has returned to school to obtain his Masters degree and continue on to Ph.D. Previously, he worked as a computer consultant, and lost his business to the ignorant and average that make up the useless certificate society of Milwaukee IT. He prefers cats to dogs, and loves ferrets just as much. No longer able to take the field in Aussie Rules Football due to excessive concussions, he spends his time helping coach, umpire and run juniors clinics. He is looking for some legitimate full-time work so he can get back into school for his Masters. He is also a really cool dad, and wishes he could see his daughter a lot more often.

I have the Following Wish List. I prefer the book, as I want them for graduate study.

i'm in ravenclaw!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

my pet!

Ferrets Are Love